Saturday, December 02, 2006

here! sketching and random floaty ribbon thing - enjoy! (i'm sure the writing in the background is important for something haha, i dunno) ^_^


Anonymous said... was the Anita lecture?....I'm mad I dind't make it..but I really had to move....phew....finally done...Nice sketches here...I think writing in your sketchbook is very important...because when you write you use the other half og your You are giving your creative side a's a nice balance to manage in your is also a very nice design element, I believe. The little text that you have running across the pages really makes the image more interesteing.The only crit I have is that hte guy looks waaaay too you to have such strong facial hair.....he has baby-fat skin (I don't know how else to put it)....very childish features in the face.....yet there he's got trees growing out of his face (just joking).....observe the peoples facial features...such as eye sockets...the edge of the mouth...and the cheek creases..when drawing them..coz those are the age-defifning features.....very nicely done though.

naomiful said...

i def see what you mean, it was a drawing from photos i took but the facial hair i went crazy makin that up and the hair, hehe.. it's for my sloth image but i decided to just post the sketchbook version up here.