Monday, December 04, 2006

I'm just gonna' bug you all with notes and a small sketch! Did you know there are such things as Chinese vampires? And Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers is one? And they all look like Hsien-ko? Unless it is a guy... but same hat and everything, ha. That's just kinda' neat I think.

This week is gonna' be HELLA hectic .. 2 big exams on monday, arrrrgh but I am excited and not so excited about a few things. I'll list them.

Excited: xmas around the corner, magfest5 around the corner, yay for fun concept drawings in my digital drawing class, my cat Kenji is super cute and meows when you whistle at him, painting

Not so excited: i'm still bad at painting lol -_-, the work i have to do by monday, painting, my bangs are getting waaaay too long - irk~!, this semester went by too fast!


Anonymous said...

haha...I'm glad people are digging the projects....I was really worried people might be like "wth"?! Let's see what you will do with Darkstalkers.I'm suprised you're not doing Tekken?....why not?...coz you're embarressed you might get your butt kicked by Jin Kazama?!.. (harr harr) I'm guoing to get my accuont straightened today..and go ahead and reserve a room (crossing my fingers it's not too late)....and I think I will be also prepping that folio for sale.....which I think we all need to work on anyways. Still can't wait to see you pull off that costume..hahaha...I'm going to be pointing fingers at the shoulder puffs... (hahaha "shoulder puffs)...Tell JJ he needs to be Eddy gordo...he's got the Capoeira down already...;-) hey...we oughta set up gaming days or something....I used to do that back in AFO...we all had like hour long competitions in betw know any peeps that might be interested?....and than we should just make up our own tournaments or something..I used to do that with Chris Ewald and like 10 other people...we had month long Guilty Gear Tournaments..wa a blast...let me know what you think....well..back to Tekken....I got rusty at it..nedd to refresh my combo memories!..hehehe

naomiful said...

I already did a tekken themed project! lol and i can get away with more crazy proportions with darkstalkers characters. :P

there is a videogame club at vcu but I'm not really into it anymore. if you're interested in setting up stuff, sure ^_^ and dang... you're practicing combos? o____o; i'll need to brush up too

Sanchan said...

thats the thing my brother took the pic!!! he sucks ;p

Sanchan said...
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