Friday, December 29, 2006


okie... so time spent with brandon yesterday n' going to stories n' borrowing his awesome advent children book led me to create this monstrosity hehe! so, having fun with pen and ink again and experimenting with putting some photoshop in. not done yet all the way.. but i like it so far ! i saw something in a magazine where people were scribbling and doodling stuffs, so that inspired me here too.. i'm likin' the messy look of it. maaaaybe, it'll be my poster for magfest. <3 something seems off though, can't figure out what. :(


dustin said...

very very nice piece. the sketch studies below are great also.

Cory said...

This is good work, Naomi. I like the messy aspect of it too. Cloud is a character that's usually always had some sort of internal struggle going on, so when I look at this piece I think,"There's a mess inside him, but it still doesn't change who he is."

Rola Cola said...