Monday, February 25, 2008


Sooo.... got back from SCAD yesterday and what can I say other than it was an amazing school and a great opportunity to meet some really awesome people. I already knew Eric Canete but it was great to see him talk about something other than Ironman! (haha juuuuust kidding.) He did a thing on storytelling which about made everyone drool and fall out of their seats. He really talks so well but is modest, but I think his knowledge and love for the art made it natural for him to talk about it so easily.

Andrew Robinson was also there. I didn't know who he was at first, but I am sure glad I do now haha.. he works with the comics but also goes back to working with traditional painting sometimes. Seeing some of his techniques was like... oooooooooohhh.... He made me want to go home and paint. :/

Yuko Shimizu is the sweetest person ever. She's also a teacher at SVA and boy what lucky students haha! She lectured on small business of illustration and portfolios and all that. It was such an inciteful lecture that was just purely about illustration which I think helped with the almost pure business class I had to last semester. It's kind of mandatory to believe her because she's been so successful at it. And she worked in business for 10 years. :o

James Jean has great hair. I kept looking at his hair like wow, well I guess if you start working for Prada would be willing to do a haircut or something. Well I don't really know if he got a haircut at Prada... /shrug But anyways in the round table discussion thing the first night I was there where all the artists talked and introduced themselves, James said some really important things that made me think about my own situation. He is very very talented, but after hearing him and Yuko talk, he is so good because of really hard work.

Overall about style, one thing they stressed was to be yourself. In Yuko's slideshow she said that ultimately you cannot run from who you are, and if that reflects in your work then that is how it should be. Being a senior in college I am kind of freaking out about graduating... what am I going to do with my drawing ability, will I be able to present it in a way I'm happy with, will my style be liked by clients and especially by me? All those things. It sounds so cheesy, but you just have to be yourself. :P Maybe you'd see what I meant if you saw the lecture. Also... during Q&A Eric and James said they do one maybe 2 sketches for a client. Yuko quickly jumped in and said NOOOOO lol... I was so glad when she said that, because Sterling would kick me out if I tried that, then tried to justify it by saying James Jean said he does one sketch. o___o;;

After getting to know them they really are just normal people with awesome talents, personalities and a common intense passion for what they are doing. I hope to visit both James and Yuko in Cali and NY next time I'm around there! This trip was nothing less than exciting!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feels good again ~

It feels like I haven't touched Painter in months, and that probably is the case. I just got my new computer and spent so long trying to get some brushes back... It's pretty daunting trying to regain the old comfortable setup. Here's a sketch in Painter I couldn't resist between working on other stuff ~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Stopping points ~

Ugh I really have been working, but nothing that I can really show right now. So here's an old sketch I managed to squeeze in at some point last week!
I wanted to talk about some things going on lately and a point that I thought about with a friend the other day. In short, I feel like my whole life I've been standing in the middle of an empty street with my arms out wide hoping for some meaning or a little paper airplane with a secret note telling me which direction to go to fall onto my lap. Why did this happen and why is it like this, those types of things, but there's been an underlying theme to it all, like a synthetic happiness (not the emo kind, the kind where something really shitty happens and you try to find the good points) that ya' know, somehow keeps "everything" afloat.
For class we had to answer a bunch of "why" questions and that type of thing is typical of this instructor, which I believe is very very important. That was at the beginning of the semester. At that point I was saying, I do art for me, because I've done it all my life, the videogames, the coooooolness of making stuff up. While all that does play into the reasons why, it is soooo linear. I thought it defined me - you know, if you're an artist, at highschool or whatever people dubbed you the artist and what not. "Hey you know how to draw! I can't even draw a stick-figure!" That kind of stuff, lol.. did it almost everyday, it was fun, interesting, etc etc. But right now people ask me, "so what are you going to do after graduating?" and I say, "well of course I'm going to California to pursue this path. Because I went there and it made me happy and seemed really cool." --
For a while it wasn't old. That's honestly what I was feeling. OF COURSE that's what I'm going to do, a no-brainer! But yet while talking to my friend about it, I was still unsure. I thought, well, of course it's a different side of the US, I'm going to be unsure. But there's something else: I realized that these goals and things have always been about me me meeeee.. Now I'm not saying I'm a self-centered person, at least I never thought I was (o_o?), but I think I'm thinking that I would also be happy later in the grand scheme of things if I helped others with it. Whatever IT is, I dunno', lol, but it just sounds cheesy that way. For a brief moment I think that maybe art has to be my raft to hold onto what I really want to give. And wtf if I'm passionate about my raft I'm scared to know what it's going to be holding!
Anyways, that's a tangent; focus right now, graduating! ;D

Friday, February 08, 2008


Yay excuse to post! hahaha... so this is the "bare bones" of my previous post.. I actually like it better. Oh wellz

So ... this may not be an arena where a lot of people are familiar with, but, I am. Kinda sorta. Well I was but then I was like... ok let's do this thing called school. Anyways, it's about gaming! Woo, yes I am totally into it, I'll admit it. Ok now that that's over, I just want to say that videogaming is weird sometimes. The culture is weird sometimes. At least the really hardcore ones. I know a bunch of "girl gamers"... and quite frankly, it's a little disturbing how some are making a big production of themselves. Are they really good at the game? Or is it the hype and attention? Just before this post I literally deleted like 5 or 6 of them off of my Myspace friends list because their bulletins were so obnoxious. I might be angry though because it's a situation like pennyarcade... they make fun of games n' all, very awesomely I might add, and now they are making ... a videogame!

Ok ok, I have noticed that since the inception of more girl gamers the guys have been showering. The last tournament I went to a couple weeks ago wasn't so smelly as ones I went to years ago. Eek I just admitted I go to tournaments! Lolz, anyways... and I'm wondering about concept art for videogames. I'm going to be working on concept art, design and storyboards for a movie soon, which has nothing to do with videogames, and that is still exciting to me. I'm very hyped up about the project. So, I guess what I mean to say with this tangent is that perhaps my brain is opening up to new avenues, not JUST videogames... but sigh who knows. :)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Woo... lol keep your school spirit pants on ;)

Meh.. just updating here. Some may have already seen this as I started coloring a week or two ago. I should finish though... and eventually put up the finished original for you all to see.

About 2/21-2/23 I get the sweet opportunity to go see Yuko Shimizu, James Jean, Andrew Robinson and Eric Canete do their thing in Atlanta, GA at SCAD with the other students. Needless to say I can't wait and maybe while being there some of their awesomeness will rub off on me or I can collect their pencil shavings into a little jar... x_x;;