Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So I guess I have a few things to say ~

First off, yay drawings that don't involve people, haha.. they are somewhat randomly from photos with my own touches or whatever, don't ask. :x

This past weekend I saw Rambo... that Stallone guy is a beast, basically. I actually feel manly after seeing that movie, and I'm a girl! Haha.. it was really cool. Sylvester Stallone holds a special place in my heart also because for some reason I always thought he looked like my dad, but I think now that might be because when they had long hair? Or something? Maybe it's the mouth, I dunno' hahaha.. (for those that don't know I'm half white, by the way).

Also, when I was in the bathroom the other day fixing my hair, I was thinking about WOW and *what if* one day their servers all went down... for like a month?! How many lives would that change? Would there be suicides? Anxiety attacks and emotional breakdowns from those that play it so hardcore? Haha, random.

Today in class we had to show progress on our projects and I had a bunch of character designs n' small thumbs of environments to show. The class was near silent, and it seemed everyone did their own thing while people were talking about their stuff. The teacher spent a long while going over some people's stuff, like the editorial illustrations, and real world issues, etc etc. Then when he came around to mine and Feng's stuff, who do concept art mostly, he had no input creatively to our progress. No interest in the stories, subjects, characters... only, "the anatomy, the composition etc.." which, granted, is very important, but on mine I had no illustrations, as right now that's not part of my initial stages. So needless to say I was done in 46 or so seconds.

- Ordinarily this might upset me really bad, what am I doing wrong, what can I do to please him, should I just do editorial illustrations instead of concept art because I know I won't get much feedback creatively? Oh noooooooes! Then a second later I think, what the hell have I been drawing and gaming and digital painting at home so much for? No one put a gun to my head and said to do it. So I trudge on, swatting at the insecurities of being in a now random environment (though it's my senior year yes), knowing that there are better schools out there for what I want to do, teaching first hand n' all, much better than what I am doing to teach myself... So! What keeps me going? That's another conversation for another day. ~

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Class

Ballpoint pen

So my cat Kenji is the cuuuuuutest kitty ever (all cat owners say that though, right?). His meows are dainty and his eyes are 2 very dark yellow/black marbles on a snowy white and light beige face. His fur is the softest fur you will ever touch, and his paws make you want to throw up a little because they are just so disjustingly cute. Not to mention is retarded L-shaped tail which makes him very unique.

But sometimes I just want to toss him out of my 11th story window and call it a night. Like last night for example... why? What reason is there to run back and forth throughout the apartment like he has rabies? Or meow really loud in the middle of the night for attention and in turn making me feel like crap in the morning for lack of real sleep. Arrgghh but then he looks at me with his cute eyes and I'm done for, I'm such a sucker. :/

Friday, January 18, 2008


Oops here's a small leak to a hot new game coming out in the future!!!
Hehe, only kidding. Me and 2 others are making a small production videogame .. small as in we're in the throws of school and this is a side project that sounded like it might be fun. There are 3 characters... this is mine *teehee* 'cause I just wanted to update with a sketch and the other 2 guys on this project will have theirs soon. Very soon. *o*
Oh yeah and I'm visiting CA again during Spring Break.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back to School

Back from California... back to school daze! It's my last semester though and I'm actually pumped. Before CA I wanted to stay in school lol, but after I predict I will be ready with this last semester to prepare. The trip was amazing to say the least! I learned a lot, got a lot of advice, relaxed, drew some, gained mucho confidence in my work, and saw the possibilities in what I was kind of wanting to do. I really want to do it now haha..
Here are some misc drawings... so I don't feel so bad just posting words mostly. And the last thing at the end, something I wrote on the plane on my way back to VA. Just a bit of honesty ~ :)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Out 1/7-1/13 - Going to LA

Going there to do some fun stuff.. Meanwhile, here's some sketches and things to hopefully tide everyone over. The first is still in progress, but just wanted to show what's up with it... kind of taking a different approach, I think? Maybe not haha
The others are random sketches. When I didn't have people to draw I drew the things on my drafting table, starbucks, randoms.. ; ; Enjoy