Sunday, January 22, 2012

this beard is a representation of the times

So a little of 2010 and all of 2011 was an indescribable time for me. Growing up has always been a huge grey area and the only black and white had been art (thank goodness) something like Silent Hill 1 atmosphere in the streets you know?? Like this is some seriously dumb fog. And I just had that radio so to speak, lol maybe that's not the best analogy. Or like that kid at 9y/o feeling like they're ready to be away from home with the handkerchief on a long stick all you got in there is a pb&j sandwich and an action figure, and you should damn well know you need more than that but you don't haha. I mean now there's more crap in there not just the radio and pb&j which are total blessings. With that said, treat people right...

You know when you see an amazing movie preview then you see the actual movie and you're like, ahhh what ... is this ..?? And then when there's a sequel you could be pleasantly surprised or disgusted or don't go to see it to even find out or maybe your friends force you and you just sit there like :| ?? I had many jobs like that during my year of freelance. But then more than that were very amazing ones that let my tiny eyeballs see what the deal was with the industry. More often than not up till now I felt like I was in school still. Now with a new gig I don't really feel like it's school time anymore and I don't think it's 'cuz I wore a blazer

I thought it was scary that some of my reasons for things have changed over time, but it's really not. Things are more clear. They are more clear like if you're on a huge huge king size bed under the sheets that are twisting all weirdly inexplicably, and you might be like wtf why??! But when you find the edge and finally get out you realize "oh sh** that was just me in there". Hope nobody saw me

I hope the Mayans seriously just ran out of space on the stone though