Tuesday, December 19, 2006


drew some with jj, hannah and brandon - here's hannah drawing me and then later at barnes and noble with john drawing random people

i drew sheik (alter ego of princess zelda) on some paper in blue pencil and put matte medium over it to paint a monochromatic scheme on top, tomorrow morning. i've never done it before so i hope it turns out well, haha.. it's a little big and my scanner isn't big enough, but i'll figure out how to post it at some point.


Anonymous said...

hey Naomi....sorry I couldn't join you guys yesterday....I'm doing 3 illustrations for the Brick and they're all due tonight....plus I'm working a second job, so it's really hectic....nice sketches you got going there...I love how u used the brush pen for the hair on the girl in the second drawing...reminds me of Sterling's stuff......the process for your big piece:...sounds like James Jean's technique..hahahahaha..I'l catch you latah..keep crankin'

naomiful said...

gah, 3 due tonight? daaaaaang .. you are a beast, you will pull it off nicely.