Tuesday, December 12, 2006


yay looks kinda minty
hsien-ko mint

Also, I think the other Ashe pic might just be something I'll show at M5, but I'm really feeling this composition for my poster. She'll be fighting some random enemies from a random game - I haven't figured out what yet, haha .. any suggestions?


brian m. said...

wow.i love ur blog!

naomiful said...

aw ty! :)

Anonymous said...

Naomi, nice work. I like the values you added to Hsien-Ko......however....feel free to experiement with some design elements, especially when doing character designs. For example: you got that minty background...but you also need something to ground the figure....even if it is just some sort of a square or something you put in the background....nothing too disctracting though...just something to balance the compoistion out. (Remember what you did with the Robin Hood redesign in my class?)
For the second one: The tilting of the page is nice.....it would be cool if she was fighting a summon... (Have you seen Advent Children?...remember the summon at the end?)..it could be coolif she was in front of some sort of a eifel tower looking building and the summon was twirling towards the ground as she is ready to fight it...and maybe add a few more silhoueted people closer to the monster........Also.....have you ever tryed doing an image into pieces and then trying to colage it?...for example....draw and environment...then the main character...and then the monster all seperately...and then try putting them together int photoshop by moving them around and messing with compositiont..it's a neat lil exercise.....hey you know what happend to JJ?...he dind't show up for my exam..am a bit worried?!..