Saturday, September 22, 2007

changes // new ppl

here are Kaylee (already posted, changed proportions), Mal and Zoe redone from Serenity. i finally figured out what i was struggling with switching from painter to photoshop .... and a couple of my images were messed up because of it. sigh... oh well i learned from it. Like Kaylee (first one), she was one of the first to be made and upon switching the colors are a little weird. Mal is ok, a little dark, but colored straight from my sketch lines digital, but Zoe is most successful... as there was a real sketch then refinement. It's a little late to go back and re-do the images in the same way (except for one that was just too far gone messed up, which I am re-doing 'cause the colors are waaaay jacked), but I really like the direction it is going.

by the way, i'm soooo DONE with vcu. ready to graduate plz kthx.....

Sunday, September 16, 2007

figure drawings from this past Friday

Sunday, September 09, 2007

some concept stuff

edit: here's a sketch of Jayne, just can't figure out what weapon to put in his hand ; ;

something to update - redesigns from show/movie Serenity or whatever, I haven't seen any of it, for a class. Kaylee and River so far, and the other friggin 9!!!! characters to go for this project including a bunch of other stuffs ~ so.. stay tuned haha :)