Tuesday, December 05, 2006

some progress

Soooo... after mulling, which saves no time, here are 2 of the darkstalkers redesigns. Can you tell who they are? The others are in a thumbnail stage lol, but hey~! I'll have them to you before Monday .. cuz that's when they're due! x__x Have fun ^^

Oh! I decided I wanted to give some info as to my ideas going into the characters. The first, Morrigan, I wanted her look to be a little classier, so I gave her a cute bob and a corset (also, Fran from FF12 inspired me too!). teehee and the Hsien-ko I was really feeling all these Japanese horror movies/stories as of late, (her hair will be black) what with the young girls being creepy/pale and all that. And for the record I scribbled on her talisman. :x


Anonymous said...

The second character, I don't have any problems with (anatomically)....and she is very recognizable (maybe a bit too much--needs more changes ). Try to really forget the look of the costumes of the original characters and only focus on their background story to create your outfits. If you focus on their old outfits, it'll be a bit too distracting to create your very own unique and conceptual versions of them. So, remember, only use their background info as your idea templatte. The first one.....?!?!?!?!...the anatomy got a bit strange...her neck muscles are too huge...your neck starts at the end of the shoulders...which is a bit too manly....her head got also a bit too big compared to her legs, and especially her feet.Naomi, you have a nice ability to draw elegand and expressive poses..and it does not show in this character..the second is spot on...this one looks a bit too stiff....rework the pose with e few lose gesture drawings///and then tighten it up again..other than that....a very solid start ;-)

naomiful said...

ty for the crits!

Anonymous said...

the porportion of the head looks wrong .. positioned wrong or sized wrong i can't tell haha, and same with the hips. I think if you did add some shading to it it'll fix up the confusion for the most part.

.. hi! i guess i'll be posting my traditional art/sketches here, my DA is mostly my graphic arts haha

naomiful said...

ty ty i will take it into consideration. yeah, you should definitely keep a "journal" like this to make yourself work more, and you'll eventually realize what you really want to do.