Thursday, December 21, 2006

wow I'm proud of myself today!

i explored a lot today~! i just wanted to make a post about how proud of myself i am of jumping into this after being a punk about it. here's a small area of the morrigan concept i am coloring for j.w. for magfest5. so far it's been fun trying to figure stuff out - it's tough without reference, but makes me glad i took 4-5 figure drawing classes with albert epshteyn, lol.. enjoy


SalamunicArt said...

Naomi......I'm proud of you too....u've done a great job this semester..and your work only keeps improving.....can't wait to see how your work will be a year from now when you have to step into the real world....I hope you have a wonderful christmas....Merry wishes to you, your b/f, and your family...and hit me up when u're back in town...:-)

naomiful said...

thanks! I've honestly just been taking everything you've critiqued (well, most) and kept those comments in mind. ESPECIALLY color.. you have no idea, lol. Just simple - keep those warms and cools in check! I'll keep workin' at it