Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Well.. this was my original drawing (really, blue pencil but I cleaned it up a bit) for the promotional poster for our art table at Magfest5 - Jan4-Jan7, 2007. Seems pretty boring, but I do like the drawing. I'm redrawing it onto bigger paper to see what else I can do with it... if it doesn't work, I'll draw someone more interesting, like Fran. :) [edit: added a bit of color but too tired to fix! there ya go hehe and for some reason you can't open to the larger version, sorries]


Anonymous said...

i lov the flat coloring.....however..the face looks a bit awkward..her eyes are too close to each other...especially on a view like this. I noticed you tend to put eyes fairly close together when drawing your's easier to thumbnail out the whole composition ffirst before proceeding with the peice..I know you are just experiemnting..but it's better to experiment with all aspects of the image ratehr than just one area...because it will be affected differently when you add more figures. good idea of making the backgrund fairly cool and working with warm foreground colors...I guess pople actually paid attenetion in my's time for me to hook up my PS2 (phew..finally after moving)..and get my gaming on......hey still up for the Tekken challenge?.. ;-)

naomiful said...

her face does look awkward and i wasn't sure how to work it out. thx for the comment! lol i have a hard time making the eyes go where they should a lot of times. D:

Diana said...

Well, I don't know I think the face looks about right. Maybe it's just my untrained eyes or whatnot, but she looks simply asian and her features appear correct. I like this picture and how you portrayed it in color also, her expression is nostalgic. Great!