Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna' be a total geek and dress up as Ling from Tekken for Magfest5, this costume! ahahaha - Oh and I already reserved at least one table for M5 so far so I am definitely gonna' be there.


Anonymous said...

HA.....i knew you were into cosplay....lol...awsome..cannot wait to see you pull this off (you actually making this costume yourself?).....makes me wanna go as Brian Fury..lol.....and those shoulder puffs?!...wow...can't wait to see how u gunna pull that off...hahahahahahahaha ;-)

naomiful said...

AHAHAHA you in some snakeskin pants? lol, hey JJ wanted to go as someone but he wasn't sure. and i've only cosplayed one other time when i was like 15 x__x lol (xianghua from soulcalibur)