Sunday, November 26, 2006

more stuff

Well this weekend I went to DC and attempted to sketch on the Metro, but I get car sick really easily. I was so excited to draw there, but I had to stop before I felt sick for the whole day ahead of me. I could accomplish a lot I think if I never got car sick from reading/drawing! Anyways, here's what I did before having to give up .. :)

And then I just felt like posting these 2 pics of Heihachi and Nina from Tekken before I go off and do some more real work.

heheh.. lol @ heihachi's expression, he looks like he wants some food or something - don't worry I will fix! :) :)

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Anonymous said... skipped my class today....."traitor" I'm just kidding. Nice sketches. Nina looks too young tho.....why does she have a puty face?...she's supposed to be this bad ass made her look too cute and innocent (much like Xiaou Xou)...unless that was your intent....and Heihachi's hair is awsome...but his expression?..he looks a bit like a child molester or something..haha. The people sketches on the top are great.....deffinately going in the right direction there....I'm actually working onmy Tekken poster right now...the drawing size is actally't wait to show you...drop by the studio today or something.....and bring you FF drawing....good job.,...keep it up. ;-)