Wednesday, November 22, 2006

thanksgiving weekend is here!

Just doodled this out with my brush pen I found under a bunch of other junk at my desk yay! haha ... sooo it's been neglected for too long. I used myself as reference, but of course I'm not this tall! Hehe but it looks kinda neat. Anywho, been working on my concept drawing class assignment, 7 deadly sins, how original of my teacher right? I'll be posting progress on that sometime soon as well. Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend! :)


Anonymous said...

7 deadly sins?....that must be Benitez' class. I love the brush work..the angle meakes the body look slightly awkward if she's trying to poop or something (sorry for the bad analogy). Also, it's nice that you threw in the color....but it looks too sepia-ish..monochromatic...add a little punch of blue or a cool color here and there to balance it out..and it'll bring the picture to life. your brush work is very strong...I beleive you should be using it more often in your final renderings rather than penciling them like in your sprite piece....if you still have a liking for the pencil-type of rendering..use it sparingly like you did on that sketch with the guy at that water-well thingy...what I'm saying is..keep the drawing loose..and maybe render important aspects of the the face..etc...hope this made sense..I know you want more honest critiques and what not so I figured i'd make it worthwile...hope u had a nice turkey day and I'll c u on monday..peace

naomiful said...

o gee thx lol :p ... for real tho ic what ur saying. :)