Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This sketch (yes omg drawn from reference I took) of a guard and his water well is for me honors class. Looks like he's protecting it? Maybe not? :>


Manuel LariƱo said...

great drawing!

Anonymous said...

Naomi...yur stuff is kicking and screaming...great job......this is how u need to be filling the pages of your sketchbook....I'm starting to work on that Tekken poster.....how big do you think we should go with the printouts?!
-Tin ;-)

Anonymous said...

hey naomi, its danny from vcu. good drawing, but it doesnt look like hes protecting the well. hes slumpped over and has his head down which means hes sad, mournful, etc. if you want to make him look like hes protecting the well, try to put yourself in his position: put yourself in the frame of mind you want your characters to be in. this will help you decide what kind of pose you want your characters in, which will give them life and EXPLAIN what the mood/emotion of the piece is. hope this helps some.

shoot me an email some time,