Tuesday, October 02, 2007


sketchbook pages from a new sketchbook ~ should have the serenity images up by the weekend. :3
first one is one of the only sketches not digital of one of the members of the project! oops hehe ~ was bored in business. and the dude under her is my business teacher lol :D
then there's some more people and the last 2 from a Bodies exhibition in DC i went to this past weekend. it was very interesting!
also I talked to a junior concept drawing class today about drawing. one of the tips i suggested for being able to draw better and more confidently was to ... *cue glitter and magic and special fluffy things* DRAW!

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Coatlicue said...

Hi Naomi! This is Badaboom, from CA.org. Didn´t know you had a blog here in blogspot. Cool stuff, as always, but it´s nicer to read more about you than in your CA SB. I think I´m going to link you in my own blog, if you don´t mind. Cya!