Saturday, October 06, 2007

serenity redos

done. some of it was fun and i definitely learned a lot for what to do or not do next time i do something like this. the critique in class actually turned out to be constructive and somewhat honest - not something i've seen the past few years except for from teachers of course
also i've had requests for prints on these, if anyone else is interested, contact me at and i'll give you the prices. thank you for looking! :)
zoe, simon, operative, river, shepherd, wash, inara, jayne, kaylee, mal, and mr. universe


An said...

If it could, it would buy some to me of your drawings, but, my economy me I do not allow it, like much, but the color does not convince to me, in other occasions you apply it more natural. With greater smoothness, less metalist. An enormous kiss said...

Wow - you have quite a talent. Thanks for sharing.


Tom Scholes said...

These are seriously amazing Naomi!
High five for finishing such a big project, very pro stuff!

Inara and river are my favorites.

Philip Thomas said...

Really great work. I really love the 4th drawing down, it has a really nice attitude. Thanks for sharing.