Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i'm doing a tutorial tomorrow in my concept for movies/vid games class and this is the "finished" result. i hope it goes well! i learned a lot in the process too! haha :)


EKG! said...

whatsup naomi. damnnnnn, you skill level shot up a couple notches. really impressive post with the last one of character designs. i'll send u an email for those prints request. good luck on the presentation.

HannaH said...

naomi!! lookin great as usual. i wish i could've been there to watch your tutorial. that would've been cool. lets hang out. we haven't had a real chance yet. lol

Coatlicue said...

The best thing about this finished piece is its unfinished look! Painted with PS or Painter, btw? Looks really good, why don´t you upload the tutorial somewhere? Regards from Spain.

cdeboda said...

So how was the class tutorial? Cool piece btw too.

shou' said...

I'm curious with the rest of the folk about this tutorial. Please do share when you can Naomi :)

Great job on the Serenity character designs. I've only seen the movie and not the Firefly TV series, so I'm a new fan to it but overall they look fun.

naomiful said...

ekg; ;) np

hannah; :D~

coatlicue; thanks! sure once i figure out the best way to upload it i will do in another post!

chris; it went well ~ ty

shou; hehe will do