Monday, November 19, 2007

This past weekend me and Feng (also from VCU who "claims" she forgot her blog address and so I can't show you her work muaha) went to Anime USA in DC *only* because we heard Jo Chen was going to be there. So we stalked her haha and showed her our portfolios n' stuff and chatted it up.. her sister Christina is AMAZING at art as well so that was also a treat.
Me and Feng were such fangirls it was dumb... but Jo ended up liking us and we talked so much, and even ended up having dinner with her and Christina. They are the nicest people, so down to earth and chill. Me and Feng definitely hope to hang out with them again!


Ryoshinsama said...

Hey it's Rod.. that's awesome. Her covers for Buffy Season 8 are amazing.. I'm jealous.

caity said...

oh no! I am envious! when Feng said she was going to see Jo Chen I almost asked her to get my Buffy covers signed!

(haha sorry you don't know me, I am just blog surfing)