Tuesday, November 13, 2007

so blue

sooo.... I'm taking a different approach to the final 3/4 views of the team fortress characters! Did these drawings last night real quick, they just seemed to flow out my pencil haha.. Going back to basics and seeing what I can do with painting these instead haha // sigh I know but I'm just continually experimenting. ^^ These are the first 3, medic, pyro (creature [weapon really] designed by http://tedikuma.blogspot.com/ who is in the group I'm in for this school project), spy - 3 more to come.
p.s. purple is pretty <3

the last 2... was fun, and I learned a lot, but overworked and they must rest in peace. ; ; Thank you everyone for your input in that, lol


Kyle Latino said...

I like the hunched over bug guy the best. He looks like something from Space Ghost. Haha Good stuff.

Teddy Taylor said...

My pyro weapon looks hilarious. :D

CCarman said...

Awesome Work!!

You figure work and character designs a really strong.


Anonymous said...

great job
as usual

Tom Scholes said...

Haha sweet! Gorgeous and intricate linework as always. You aren't playing TF2 are you? :O

rubbadub said...

damn, those sketches are tiiight!
How big are these drawn btw?

Also nice hands, I love it when hands are drawn so nicely... well actually everything's drawn nicely haha -_-'

amer-nazri said...

Hey naomi! Hows life goin? U still droppin by sketcher? haha. Hope you're joining LMS, this year its gonna be the greatest yet! Lovely work so far, your linework and personal style is great to look at.

all the best,