Friday, June 06, 2008


I should update? It's been a week..
First one of the Killer Klowns
Her sketched version
finished Bunny creature


grumbleart said...

beautiful naomi! the killer clown has a great silhouette, design, and simplicity to it and it looks like you had alot of fun rendering her up as well :)
and oh my stars and garders! that bunny has some features that border on realism and give me the shivers! (like the eyes)
hope all is well and take care

jeijei said...

wonjurful Naomi, cool concepts, strong finishes, subtle impact like being hit by a truck thats blasting mozart....well maybe not... like that... but awesome non the less

I'm excited for you :]

Joshua James said...

You going to the workshop this weekend? Should be great!

Nick Iluzada said...

your stuff is pretty awesome.

kenjibliss said...

Naomi! Great updates and really dig the cute dog creature. Also will see you at SDCC, so excited to go again. Also can you email me/text your new cell phone number. I tried to call but forgot you got it changed recently. Hope all is well.


Tom said...

stumbled upon this blog through concept academy...your stuff is way cool! love those sketchbook pages

looking forward to more!

rad sechrist said...

Really amazing stuff!