Friday, February 08, 2008


Yay excuse to post! hahaha... so this is the "bare bones" of my previous post.. I actually like it better. Oh wellz

So ... this may not be an arena where a lot of people are familiar with, but, I am. Kinda sorta. Well I was but then I was like... ok let's do this thing called school. Anyways, it's about gaming! Woo, yes I am totally into it, I'll admit it. Ok now that that's over, I just want to say that videogaming is weird sometimes. The culture is weird sometimes. At least the really hardcore ones. I know a bunch of "girl gamers"... and quite frankly, it's a little disturbing how some are making a big production of themselves. Are they really good at the game? Or is it the hype and attention? Just before this post I literally deleted like 5 or 6 of them off of my Myspace friends list because their bulletins were so obnoxious. I might be angry though because it's a situation like pennyarcade... they make fun of games n' all, very awesomely I might add, and now they are making ... a videogame!

Ok ok, I have noticed that since the inception of more girl gamers the guys have been showering. The last tournament I went to a couple weeks ago wasn't so smelly as ones I went to years ago. Eek I just admitted I go to tournaments! Lolz, anyways... and I'm wondering about concept art for videogames. I'm going to be working on concept art, design and storyboards for a movie soon, which has nothing to do with videogames, and that is still exciting to me. I'm very hyped up about the project. So, I guess what I mean to say with this tangent is that perhaps my brain is opening up to new avenues, not JUST videogames... but sigh who knows. :)


Xer said...

Competitive gamers can be pretty wack, much of the time. There's nothing wrong with giving it your best, but it sometimes gets ridiculous when their 'gaming presence' envelops their entire life. I'd much rather have games as a fun and exciting part of my life, rather than spend my life devoted to simply playing them. There's a lot more out there.

I'm not trying to bash hardcore gamers. There are many who lead balanced lives and still kick ass on a cabinet/console... But seriously... Look at WoW players. In the end, they accomplish absolutely nothing. There's a limit to everything, even art.

Now, concept art in seems exciting, period. To be able to help create video games would be great, especially since its a big hobby of mine...but just being able to create a visual basis for a larger,grander production [game, movie, animation] is what I find most appealing about it all...

Interpreting textual/verbal information and laying down the foundations for creating a believable /fantastical universe is a lot to fathom! Imagine all the other talented artists/designers who follow your lead by gathering DIRECT inspiration from your work!

Concept artists plant seeds that grow into forests. It's such a risky endeavor, but the rewards are awesome.. ;_;

I was gonna offer suggestions for your piece but I think I've commented enough.

Dustin dArnault said...

Hey girl you have some serious drawing skills. I want to see some more work!

cdeboda said...

Hah, I "lolz" too when i read the tournaments part. That's awesome. Good luck working on that movie too.

Owen said...

The inks on this piece are amazing, thanks for posting them!

Nexxorcist said...

you are a ridiculously good draftsman. keep up the beautiful work.