Friday, January 18, 2008


Oops here's a small leak to a hot new game coming out in the future!!!
Hehe, only kidding. Me and 2 others are making a small production videogame .. small as in we're in the throws of school and this is a side project that sounded like it might be fun. There are 3 characters... this is mine *teehee* 'cause I just wanted to update with a sketch and the other 2 guys on this project will have theirs soon. Very soon. *o*
Oh yeah and I'm visiting CA again during Spring Break.


Jay Cam said...

nice character!
what is the vieo game called?

David Sweck said...

When during spring break are you gonna be in Cali? (guess I could've asked you that in class)

shou' said...

I'm very happy for you after reading about your experience in California. Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you from this point forward, Naomi :)

Oh and I can't wait to see more development work from your game. So far it looks interesting~

jasmine said...

great character i really like ur blog
thanx for sharing


Joshua James said...

Very Cool!