Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Class

Ballpoint pen

So my cat Kenji is the cuuuuuutest kitty ever (all cat owners say that though, right?). His meows are dainty and his eyes are 2 very dark yellow/black marbles on a snowy white and light beige face. His fur is the softest fur you will ever touch, and his paws make you want to throw up a little because they are just so disjustingly cute. Not to mention is retarded L-shaped tail which makes him very unique.

But sometimes I just want to toss him out of my 11th story window and call it a night. Like last night for example... why? What reason is there to run back and forth throughout the apartment like he has rabies? Or meow really loud in the middle of the night for attention and in turn making me feel like crap in the morning for lack of real sleep. Arrgghh but then he looks at me with his cute eyes and I'm done for, I'm such a sucker. :/



So talented are you, that your life drawings can't be contained in just ONE sketchbook page. So GRAND are those sketches, that they have to expand and spill onto the opposite page. I'm envious and humbled by your skill.

But the trade-off is, I get to have a full night's sleep. Everything balances out in the end, I guess. ;)

BTW, very VERY nice ballpoint pen sketches. Thanks for posting and sharing.

Tom Scholes said...

great sketches.
But where are the cat pictures? huhuhuhuh?!

Anonymous said...

i just StumbledUpon your blog... your sketches are amazing!!! :)

amer-nazri said...

show us the cat!
Very nice drawings.

K Owusu said...

Just stumbled upon your blog, but couldn't leave without saying how much I like it. Truly inspirational work. Bookmarked you to have a closer look later.

1000myths said...

I really, REALLY like your stuff.
May the Force always be with you

St3! said...