Friday, March 09, 2007


penciiiiiillllx2 and photoshooooop


Alexei Martins said...

Nice sketches!!!

Roland Mechael said...

love the sketches!

Teddy Taylor said...

That girl's eyes are crazy looking, in a good way. :)

IdiotApathy said...

About what you said on my blog;
I think that's how it usually goes in most situations. It's up to the student to progress all the teachers can do is put concepts and ideas on the table. I'm sure there are lots of places that can do it better though. :)

Nice sketches as always!
The portrait at the end is looking great too. Shapes are maybe a little hard or harsh, a buddy of mine told me that in the female face the planes blend together a bit more, less hard edged - more graduated. Same buddy also told me to avoid using darker colors on womens chins, gives them a 5 o clock shadow look haha.

Cheers Naomi :)

naomiful said...

hahaha >< ty..

DliZ© said...

your sketches are amazing. I discover your blog, so I'll visit the other pages ^___^

Patri Balanovsky said...

hey naomi, thanks for your lovely comment. I love this piece of yours. you got a beautiful and elegant style and technique.
visit more often.