Thursday, March 15, 2007


This post will be for dreams. Does anyone dream anymore? Well, I guess what I'm asking is if anyone pays them even the slightest mind, or do you dismiss them all as silly and put them down the drain in the morning as you brush your teeth, where chances are you'll never run into them again? Anyways I think that's silly, but this past week I've been able to remember every dream (the one latest upon waking up) which is like.. 4.. but one per day is good haha ~ but these dreams are dreams of worry, doubt, fear - stuff like that.

And then today I dreamt that I was at an outside picnic (although it was dark outside for some reason, it's always dark outside somewhat in my dreams) and I happened to see this one person that really kind of made me want to work hard to become an artist. I was so ecstatic and happy - I hadn't seen him in years. He's like a huge figure for me. When I was like 13 I was so into comics (lol) and wanted to draw comics like him. I sat down with him and handed my sketchbook, but it was new and barely had anything in it, and then I looked at his portfolio thingie. I made small talk like, "Look, Tony's here and I haven't seen him in forever!" and I pointed towards another table at this guy in a red shirt, but the guy I was sitting there talking to WAS Tony. I remember feeling nervous, sad a little, wondering why I had lost touch with him. I tried, really ~

Now waking up, it was one of the realest dreams! I grabbed my phone to call him, but his number wasn't even in my phone. Bah - it left a bitter taste in my mouth. :>

Here, have some species of boar and
an overworked raccoon in sepia ink


Infinit said...

poor little you,
which Tony are did you dream of? (I'm not too good at artist names)
I just noticed after reading our post that I think about my dreams quite a lot, sometimes the whole day long
but only if I feel connected to the dream with my RL situation

your animal studies are nicly loose :)
(found the link from your CA sig)

naomiful said...

aw haha.. he's no one famous, I don't even know what he's doing now! haha ty :)

IdiotApathy said...

Mm I've heard that dreams are random connections of thoughts, memories and feelings from your mind - they seems relevant and really are I suppose because the more recent ones seem to pop up.

I dated a girl who claimed that if you went to sleep telling yourself over and over "I will remember my dreams" that it would work - she swore by it - but, that just kept me from falling asleep!

I had a dream the other day when I was eating! I mean actually ate something, I don't think I've ever had that happen before! It was some mystical fruit, oddly enough it looked like a tomato ... it had no flavor! But I remember the texture and how it was juicy. So strange!

*cough* Love the raccoon and the birds above!