Thursday, February 22, 2007

just a sketch post

just a sketch post.


Johnzo said...

Hey, hey. Hey. Your sketchbook and skills are awesome.

I randomly found your site from process recess.

That's all I got?

danny said...

id like to see some more "force" in your drawings. i dont mean "use the force" - unless you are a jedi - but rather that your drawings, while confident in some ways, still look very grey. your linework is strong, but the rendering looks tentative, almost like an afterthought. i would like to see you put a range of values in your drawings. this is what i mean when i speak of "force."

your drawings are looking good, but theres always room for improvement, right?


naomiful said...

of course ! i know this to some degree and am attempting to address the situation. someday, haha. not sure how much depth i can put into one of those life drawings where people shift and move all over the place - i'll work on it more with others.

bubble teeeeeaaaaa - sorry the craving took over last night, couldnt quite make it to dinner with you all. :)