Thursday, February 15, 2007


experimental doodling at about 2 am x__x
complicated relationship (pencil/marker/photoshop)




dustin said...

really great sketches man

Hannah Banana said...

These are great naomi!

Love love love love it all.

Keep up the progress :]

BUBBLE TEA!!! <3333

Teddy Taylor said...

I love the Complicated Relationship sketch a lot. The other two are really cool as well. :)

Oscar said...

Beautiful sketches and very imaginative "complicated relationship" drawing.
About my blog: I have thinked a lot about doing an english version, below the spanish one, with other colour and diferent font maybe, but I am too lazy and it´s always like: "next time, maybe".
I have noticed too that nobody seems to read the text, no matter what I write, so in this last post I have included a sentence from Woody Allen: "You have to sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours, but not the same ones", and the title is something I heard in a song "art doesn´t mean the same than tiring". It´s random writing. My way of saying: ok, I know you people only look at the drawings, so I wont´t think too much about what I write. ;)

Alexei Martins said...

AWESOME sketches!!!I love your art!!!

MBKKR said...

Wow, i really like the sketch of "complicated relationship".
The composition is really great, it has a nice flow.
Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

misto, bravo ! :)
congratulations ! very beautiful

Cory said...

I really like these for all the same reasons that these people have said and more.

Very interesting work.