Friday, July 11, 2008

pencils re-do of my past red riding hood image, to re-color.. and I misplaced the large file of the other one hehehe... and then Taki fanart from Soul Calibur 4. I suppose I feel obligated to be excited about it coming out soon :)

if anyone out there reading this plays soul calibur seriously, I'm interested in getting some people together to play in SoCal area, since everyone else that plays is like in Norcal and SanDiego... here I am in the middle! bah


Anonymous said...

This is Tz33ntch and I think this is EPIC.. haha.

The real question is.. can you actually play Taki? :o

Theodore Taylor said...

Taki is a badass... Great depiction of her.
I'd get excited about SC4... if I had a 360.

David Sweck said...

nerd. :P