Sunday, September 09, 2007

some concept stuff

edit: here's a sketch of Jayne, just can't figure out what weapon to put in his hand ; ;

something to update - redesigns from show/movie Serenity or whatever, I haven't seen any of it, for a class. Kaylee and River so far, and the other friggin 9!!!! characters to go for this project including a bunch of other stuffs ~ so.. stay tuned haha :)


An said...

excellent personages, you are very delicate with the gestures and the glances of your personages... that I like much. a kiss with your permission

Tom Scholes said...

*poke poke*
already spammed your CA sb.
Where you been girly?

shou' said...

Welcome back, Naomi :)

Alexei Martins said...

I miss you!!!
Cool characters!

Cheers! :D

Joshua James said...

MORE! ^ ^

Masha Pantyukhina said...

I love these characters! They have quite a presence

I found you first. said...

great character designs (personal favourite is red riding hood).
Ive added you on my blog links so definately check it out for other great artists!